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NAME:  Maurizio Romoli
PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH:  Roma, 17 April 1959
ADDRESS:  Via Bertoneria n° 64 - 31059 Zero Branco (TV)
MAIN OFFICE:  0422/485192 - cell phone: 348/4446094


                                 ROMA Via Cremona 26/25

                                 LEGNAGO (VR) Via Magenta 16

                                 VOLTERRA (PI) Via di sotto 16            



  • 1973-1978. Secondary school leaving certificate (classical studies) Liceo Giulio Cesare in Rome mark 56/60.
  • In 1976 he takes an interest in Yoga,  Homeopathy,  Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, alternative medicines.
  • In 1977, in Rome, he becomes a diligent disciple of an old chinese, Wong.  His grandfather was an old taoistic monk, who claimed to be the 25th one of a chain of monks begun with the Buddha himself. According to this tradition, Buddha created this complex  theraupeutic system( made of massage, herbs, meditation and more),  and at the end of his life, he taught it a worthy monk with a promise: that he would do the same but only between monks. The Buddha prohibited to reveal the system outside the monks' community for 25 generations. Only then the system could have been made known to the people. Wong was the first non-monk to receive it  in the East and he wanted to share it with the rest of the world.
  • In 1978 he knows someone who will be of great influence to him: Pietro Risso, in Tortona. In spite of his old age(82), he still is an old-time- healer, who picks up by himself the herbs he gives his patients. He will become his disciple and friend for the rest of Risso's life, and in the following years he receives from him a summary of the italian rural therapeutic tradition, and a great encouragement  to carry on with his studies, and then to give all this to the world.
  • In 1982 he starts to study Hahnneman Homeopathy in different schools, and from 1985 on, he embraced also Antroposophic  Homeopathy,  first with the Antroposophic Society of  Rome, and then in Veneto (Oriago, Salzano).    
  • 04/03/85. Degree in Medicine and Surgery from “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Gesù” Rome mark 110/110.
  • Nov 1985. License to practice in Italy.
  • 23/04/86. Enrollment in Italian General Medical  Council (Rome). 
  • 14/12/88. Transfer to Treviso.(protocol 3161).
  • From 1987 to 1989 he studies in The School of Iridology and Naturopaty  " Luigi Costacurta" in Conegliano. Before graduating there, he manages to meet the founder, old and disappointed by the way his disciples are carrying on his work . Also Costacurta will make him understand how much he cared that someone worthy would spread into the world the best of his experience on thousands of cases.
  • In 2003 he meets in a little village inside the Navaho Nation, an old redskin who treated him like an old friend:  he was a  "Medicine - Man" who,  like Pietro Risso, Wong and Costacurta many years before him, wanted to pass on to the rest of the world,  the best of the theraupetic knowledge of his people.
  • Full Registration in the GMC in UK Granted On 12/03/2008 n.7000946 until today
  • GP Register:  is  granted in the GP Register of UK, 30 Apr 2008, until today
  • Licence of practice Medicine in Spain from Ministry of Health of Spain 05 nov 2008, until today   
  • Full registration in the Medical Council of Ireland in march 2009, until today
  • Basic Life Support Defibrillation Course attained on  27/05/2009


Fluent in English and Spanish



  • He starts working as a general practitioner but using homeopathy, iridology, phytotherapy and the Kneipp cure in may 1986, in the Istituto Palatini of d. Campagnaro Leonardo in Salzano (VE). Their daily cooperation lasts more than two years.
  • In April 1987 he opens a surgery in Seregno (MI) where he has been seeing patients once a month until today.
  • In September 1987 he opens a surgery in Rome  where he has been seeing patients once a month until today.
  • In June 1988 he ceases his cooperation with d. Campagnaro, and devotes himself  to the different offices he has created in the meantime, first of all the one in Zero Branco (TV) where he moves.
  • But in the next years he will open offices in many places: Piove di Sacco (PD), Vittorio Veneto (TV), Udine, Gorizia, Volpago del Montello (TV), Cittadella (PD), Vicenza, Lonigo (VI), Ladispoli (RM), Olmo (VE), Montecatini Terme (PT), Rovigo. Legnago (VR),  Volterra (PI).
  • Nowdays he sees patients in his main surgery in Zero Branco (TV), and in Seregno (MI), Roma, Legnago (VR),  Volterra (PI), where he goes once a month.


From the very beginning of his career his effort was to integrate his medical knowledge learnt at the university and in hospitals with what he found effective and reliable in the world of alternative medicine.  

Phytotherapy, the Kneipp cure (water, clay, heat and cold...), the dissociated diet( one protein at a time), homeopathy have been and are his preferred healing systems. To these, he added the protein diet in 2005, reinterpreted with his own experience so much that he created a modified and especially effective one, that he called GOOD-TASTE-DIET. It's a slimmig program that has been giving  him great satisfactions, with enthusiastic patients that lost up to 80 kilos.

In all these years he has freely given  advices, result of his extensive experiences, to many brands: this fact allowed them to produce and sell unique food supplements, more efficient and with a better value for money.